Sunday, 28 March 2010


I discovered these l'aal beauties via the wonderful PIPEBURN site. I'm convinced I've found my ultimate weekend toy as I'm a cyclist, a motorcyclist and I adore vintage racers. These machines can legally be ridden on the road without a licence, registration or MoT tests just about everywhere in the world except nanny state UK!!!! where they have to be inspected, accepted, registered, taxed, licenced... blah, blah blah.... Anyway, enough whingeing from me, take a look at these photos and enjoy, don't they just look so much fun?

This race bike is one of many featured on the Australian "Bikes Move Us" discussion group. There's a whole load more photos if you click on this link.

Imperial Cycles manufacture motorised bicycles inspired by vintage board track racers. They use classic Schwinn frames, composite wheels, dropped handlebars and sprung saddles. Take a look at their website for all the specifications and prices and also worth a look is the Imperial Cycles blog where you can see all their latest projects and news.

Ridley Motorcycles also make motorised bicycles inspired by vintage motorcycles, my favourite is this WW1 style Ridley MP with matcing leather saddle, grips and tool roll. They come with a choice of 49cc or 70cc engines too.

Spooky Tooth Cycles are another American company who make motorised bicycles that look like vintage motorcycles. The bike with the sprung saddle is the Hot Shoe" and the one with full mudguards and comfy saddle is the "Stealth". These guys enjoy riding their bikes so much that they took on the local governers to make them  street legal and won... yeay!!! Read more about their bikes, merchandise and their fight for rights on the fab 70s style website. 

Finally, I couldn't show off these motorised bicycles without a Whizzer. This company has been making bikes since God's dog was a puppy and I particularly like this all-white board tracker style model.

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