Sunday, 18 April 2010


Went to see B.R.M.C. at Whitehaven Civic Hall last night... and they they rocked! Surely this has to be one of the best live acts around.

It's not often we get bands of this calibre in West Cumbria, so when the San Francisco rockers come to town I just had to be there. The set covered their whole twelve year career, from Spread Your Love and Love Burns right through to their brand new album Beat The Devils Tattoo, so there was plenty to savour and I personally though they were brilliant. Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been were on top form with their fuzzed out bass and guitar and new drummer Leah Shapiro (formerly of the Ravonettes) excelled behind the kit.

So what do they sound like? Well imagine a psycedelic garage punk band, mixed up with a bit of country and rock. Add the influence of Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and the Bunnymen and you'll be somewhere close... B.R.M.C. follow their own path and judging by last nights performance they're gonna be doing what they do best for a long long time yet.

Good to see lots of my old mates in the audience too, not sure about the bizzare queueing system to the bar though? Why form a queue that blocks the way in/out, stops you getting to the merchandise stall and also blocks off the toilet entrance too, madness that can only happen in Whitehaven!

The support band, Dark Horses were good too, reminiscent of early Jefferson Airplane and Velvet Underground with a bit of Sisters of Mercy thrown into the mix... loved the chain solo too! They certainly have lots of attitude and promise and make a huge refreshing change from modern day supermarket pop... click here for some free downloads.


  1. Remember seeing them supporting Primal Scream at Brixton Academy years ago and being really impressed. The first album was great, but I was less keen on some of the later stuff I heard and they seemed to slip off the radar a bit.

    Interesting to hear that they are still going.

  2. Their third album went a bit mellow I must admit but the latest, their fifth, is a real return to form, the title track sounds like it is straight out of a Quentin Taratino movie. They admit that when the drummer left they thought about quitting but Leah has really given them a kick up the ass! Look up them up on their MySpace site and listen to te new stuff, you won't be disappointed.


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