Monday, 26 April 2010


This magnifient Godden Metisse 1000cc over-head cam V-Twin sold at auction recently for €18,500.
Godden Engineering is a small precision engineering company founded in the 1970s by former European Grasstrack Champion, Don Godden. He initially started out by making speedway and grasstrack frames. Don quickly progressed into engine manufacture for speedway and grasstrack racing and by the end of the 1970s the GR500 was an established world class engine, soon to be followed by the Godden 1000cc SOHC V-Twin.

This 1980s 1000cc Godden V-twin has been mated with one of the best racing frames available at the time, the Rickman Metisse. Best known for their Metisse frames, Rickman made frame and body kits for competition off-road bikes such as Montesa and Zundapp, and sports bikes like the Rickman Hondas, which were fashionable in the early 1970s.

There were also Matchless roadracers, the Enfield powered Rickman Interceptor, the Triumph Metisse - much favoured for desert racing in the United States, the mighty Rickman Kawasaki 900 and the Godden 1000cc V-twin. Running on methanol the engine could produce around 128 bhp, however for road use this Godden V-twin has been de-tuned to a mere 100 bhp!

Find more bikes like this at the excellent Yesterdays website - a treasure trove of two wheeled exotica

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