Thursday, 22 April 2010

ON ANY SUNDAY ...revisited (again!!)

I've been looking through some of the 1000s of images I have collected on my laptop and found these excellent photos of Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins from LIFE magazine.

They were taken during a desert race in the Mojave Desert and it just got me thinking of the first time I watched On Any Sunday, the day I discovered American Flat Track Racing... the names of Mert Lawwill and Bud Ekins have been permanently imprinted on my brain ever since. I was also at Cradley Heath speedway around 1980 when an American camera crew turned up to film Bruce Penhall in action for On Any Sunday II. I can't imagine anyone reading this will never have seen either of these films, but they're always worth viewing again and again... This is the usual review found everywhere on the 'net of the first film...
Without a doubt the quintessential motorcycle film, acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Brown explores this dizzying and intoxicating world of rugged road riders where cycles hit incredible speeds. Segueing into the grueling excitement of a muddy and murderous motocross race, we then move on to the tortuous mayhem of the Mexican 1000 off-track trial race down the Baja peninsula. It's an exhilarating experience that puts you in the driver's seat.  
Can't disagree with that, the imagery and music may be a bit dated, but the action sequences really do capture the fun and thrills.

Mert Lawwill on the slide.

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