Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I've already written about American speedway riders Sprouts Elder and the late Kelly Moran on this blog, and it seems that just like me, speedway poet Ian Paterson also found the Stateside riders compelling.

Some pre-war names who graced the show
Were Elder, Milne and Lamoreaux
But fifties Yanks who made their mark
Were based at Dublin's Shelbourne Park

Then Leicester signed up DeWayne Keeter
(He never was a World beater)
The next who tried to make his way
Scott Autrey (Mauger's protege)

Soon Uncle Sam produced a crop
They flew across the pond non-stop
Like Penhall, Hamill and Hancock
To face an English culture shock

Now training tracks in USA
Have all but closed I'm sad to say
The fear of civil litigation
Speeded their annihilation

And just to show why these Americans built up such a following over here in the UK, Ian gives his view in rhyme too...

The Yankee guys are elegant in TV, clothes or leather
But half the bloody English boys can't string two words together.
So if I was a sponsor with money in the bag
I know which ones I would choose to fly my firms flag.

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