Thursday, 23 September 2010


Thanks to the influence of Maxwell over at the Corpses From Hell blog, I find myself searching the web for more examples of these BSA powered speedway bikes. Here's a wild Swedish Ice Racer belonging to Olle Andersson and captured from the fabulous Veteran Ice Racing & Speedway In Sweden website. The bike is a 1951 500cc BSA single with lethal spiked tyres, girder forks, sprung saddle and what looks like a very loud home-made "silencer".

...and this is the same bike after some remedial work has been done and speedway tyres fitted in place of the spiked ice racing items. Love that drum brake on the front wheel - now that's an interesting accessory on a cinder shifter.


  1. I have that picture too, I must say, I prefer the unrestored version ha ha. I would love to find out what that fuel tank is.

  2. I prefer the unrestored one too, just like I prefer the unrestored sand racer in my earlier post. I wish people would leave these old bikes alone LOL... the tank looks like it could be off a Puch moped or something similar.

  3. The tank is probably off some swedish moped, Monark, Crescent or similar.

    This Norton, which my dad ran in the 70's, is a norwegian take:


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