Thursday, 16 September 2010


I've been swapping a few e-mails and pictures with Maxwell Paternoster over at the Corpses from Hell blog recently, mainly about methanol burning BSA engines and old speedway bikes with unusual British engines. MP had said asked if I had any images of these bikes in action and this is what I found... A few years ago Trevor Davies published a book on Warzone Speedway, the story of Armed Forces racing during WW2 and the years immediately afterwards. Included in the book are some of these amazing dirt track machines that the REME mechanics put together from damaged bikes and spare parts....
Triumph with reversed front forks - Egypt 1946

Alan "Dart" Clark on his Matchless engined machine - Hanomag 1950

A Matchless on the Hanomag track - 1950

The weather didn't stop practice either - Winter 1946

Racing at Hanomag, Germany 1946

All pictures are copyright of Trevor Davies - Author and Publisher of Warzone Speedway and Speedway Flyers

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