Monday, 13 December 2010

Weslake 500 on Bike EXIF

One of the most beautifully restored Weslake speedway bikes I've ever seen has been posted on Bike EXIF. To see more photographs and read more about this particular bike follow the link to Bike EXIF.


  1. Oh man that thing is so perfect!
    I've got almost the exact same bike, godden/weslake.
    (its in one of my first posts)
    Don't hate me but I actually bought it with the intention of
    making it a drag bike - little rake and rear brake...
    as I don't have the cojones for the track.
    With this one under $3g's after an AAA restoration,
    why not?


  2. Hey Travis - I don't hate you. Have you seen the excellent Land Speed Record JRM (Jawa)Speedway bike built by Joker Machine and raced by Billy Hamill at Bonneville back in '09. It topped out at over 144mph. Check out this link

  3. Wow! Pure form and function. Great link and pictures.


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