Friday, 21 January 2011

Grass Track Bikes

Sorting through my boxes of photographs I found these "almost forgotten" images taken at a Grass Track meeting organised by the lamented Lakes Grass Track Racing Club back in October 2000. If I remember correctly, the venue was Southfields Farm, near Appelby and Jason Handley was on fire, winning just about everything in the solos. I loved the intimacy of these grass track meets - wandering round the pits, having the craic with the riders and sticking my nose into the bikes.

Eddie Rouse's Pre-75 Jawa 500.
Hans Zierk tuned by the look of the markings on the head
Pre-75 Jawa #2
Photographs all Copyright - MotoFreakoFoto


  1. fresh cut grass, castrol R, and chips cooked in lard is the smell of my early youth.
    watching dad racin was paradise for me, and it left me hokked on bikes for good!!.
    long live grasstrack!!!!!.

  2. Grasstrack is grassroots. Got any good pics of your Dad racing Stevie? I had loadsa mates who did a bit, and one of my old schoolmates is still racing in the European veteran series (makes me feel bloody old seeing him in the vets section!!! I had a go once and scared myself sh****ess!! so I stuck to the road. One of my neigbours started started taking his son to the Lancashire Youth Club a few years back, but he got so frustrated watching from the pits that he bought himself a bike and won the novices race --- at 59 years old! Gives us all hope.

  3. hope springs eternal for everybody, including ur old kwacker, im sure theres a shorttrack thunderbike waiting to burst from under all that plastic!!.

  4. Bennie, Adrian what is RMS stand for in that RMS / Jawa grass bike.

  5. Hi Bennie, the frames were built by an ex-racer from Northern England named Ray Morriss, RMS = Ray Morriss Special. Ray also had a son who raced grass track named Stephen Morriss.


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