Saturday, 1 January 2011


Craig Bounds in Dakar action
 For the next two weeks I will mostly be watching Dakar Rally highlights on Eurosport. The bike class looks really good this year with all teams on 450s for the first time. I'll be looking out for the brave Brits, the luvly Annie Seel (No56), American warrior Jonah Street (No7) and the two Chinese guys, Su Winmen (No81) and Han Baohua (No149) on their Jincheng bikes, just because I like unusual machines.
Annie Seel - Swedish Dakar Princess
 The British riders this year include newcomer Jenny Morgan on a Yamaha 450, Craig Bounds who caused a few upsets last year before he had to withdraw and our old Aussie friend Simon Pavey (who must be at least part Brit by now). Good luck to all of them, stay safe and here's to a great Dakar.
Simon Pavey with his 2011 Dakar BMW
Jenny Morgan gets prepared for her first Dakar Rally
If you don't know what the fuss is all about look out for the excellent highlight shows on Eurosprt with Carlton Kirby's unique and entertaining commentary.

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