Friday, 4 February 2011

British Riders On The Ice - Pt2

Since my first post on British Ice Speedway Riders I've had quite a few e-mails and comments from fans and former riders either asking to see more or copying me in on some more photographs. Here's a second selection of riders, including some who were not featured in my first post. 
Richard Greer in action at the 1972 World Championship preliminary round at Grenoble, France where he finished in 11th place with 9 pts.  He rode again at Assen in February 1973 and also netted 7 points in the World Championship Semi-Final at the same Netherlands venue in 1974.
This photo was given to Terry Stone by Richard himself, and was posted on the yahoo oldtimespeedway forum in response to a query of mine.
Mark Uzell used to work in Swindon for Steve over at the SteveStockers blog, but he was forever taking months off in the Winter to go Ice Racing. Mark now lives in Sweden where he can ride his ice bikes whenever he wants.
Mark Uzell shows off those deadly spikes.
Photo's kindly supplied by Stevestockers
This action shot of Ian Pratt was taken during the 1983 World Championship Qualifier at Alkmaar, Netherlands. Ian scored 3 points and finished 13th. Ian was also an accomplished road racer having ridden in the 500cc World Championship Grands Prix from 1987 to 1990 and also raced on 4 wheels, competing in the British Ford Championships and FVL Championships from 1990 to 2006 and the Spanish F3 Championships during 2001. He was last heard of living in Sayalonga, Spain where he is now a singer/songwriter and signed to the Catabult label and Paramount of Nashville U.S.A.
Ian Pratt (GB) and Bruce Cribb (NZ) on parade at Alkmaar in 1983.
Reg Thomas and Shane Hearty looked after the British riders interests in the 1980s.
Here they are in the pits area at Assen in 1985.
Graham Halsall, Shane Hearty and Lee Pavitt at the 1988 World Championship preliminary round at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. Lee finished 8th with 14 points and Graham finished 12th with 9 points.
Bruce Cribb in conversation with German ace Michael Lang.
Graham Halsall (yellow helmet) makes a blast around the outside.
Paul Evitts waiting to take to the ice at Eindhoven in 1986

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  1. Hi There, great to see this blog, can you tell me where Reg Thomas and Shane Hearty are now ? I would like to get in touch with them.... Thanks ex Ice Speedway Racer Ian Pratt.... you can contact me at


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