Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Day I Met "Foggy"

This happened about ten years ago and was a complete surprise at the time. I lived very close to the Rowrah Kart Track in West Cumbria and I'd heard there was a CCM SuperMoto track day on this particular day, May 22nd 2001 to be precise . With nothing better to do, I cycled over hoping to take some racing photographs and got the surprise of my life - sitting on the pit wall right next to me was recently retired, 4 times World Superbike Champion Carl Fogarty. Now, whenever I'd been near him before he was always a bit arrogant and totally focussed on his racing, today was completely different though, he was relaxed, chatty and very funny. It wasn't long before he started to mock some of the guys out on track and you could tell he was itching to get out there and show them how it's done... and that's just what he did. He jumped into the back of his van and just like superman, re-appeared wearing his famous Dainese Ducati racesuit. He grabbed one of the spare CCM supermoto bikes from the pits and took to the track, drifting the back wheel effortlessly and within three or four laps he'd lapped everybody.... When he came back in I said to him - "Did you enjoy that?"... "Aye lad - I hate being beat, even on one of these bloody things".
Foggy watching from the pit wall.
The tempatation gets too much -
Drifting the CCM into the bends...
...and accelerating out again. The style of a real World Champ!
I just had to get his autograph - on a bit of grubby card from my camera bag.
Photographs Copyright - MotoFreakoFoto.

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