Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Ernst Bogh had a short spell riding speedway for Leicester and Sheffield in 1976, but he never really made the grade and returned home to Denmark where he continued to ride for many years. Today he has a small collection of vintage speedway bikes and tells me that he is always interested in seeing what other people have in their garages Ernst would love to add a Street Mk2, a 4-valve J.A.P. and a Briggo 4-valve conversion to his own garage, so if you should hear of any for sale, please leave a comment for me to pass on to him. 

Here's a couple of my favourite machines from Ernst's collection. The first is a Yamaha XT600 chassis fitted with an upright GM speedway engine, Norton gearbox, an NEB belt drive and 17" SuperMotard wheels. Ernst describes it as a " bike to ride on sunny afternoons".  The second machine is a fantastic J.A.P speedway machine that Ernst built from scrap parts. It now lives in his office along with some of Ernst's speedway trophies.
Yamaha XT with GM speedway engine, Norton gearbox and NEB belt drive
Speedway JAP built from scrap parts and now living in Ernst Bogh's office in Denmark.

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  1. beautiful the bike engine Gm, how much? And 'for sale? (Yamaha XT with GM speedway engine, Norton gearbox and NEB belt drive)


    Tnk u

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