Monday, 28 February 2011

Masters of the Tarmac; pt1.

This picture used to be on my bedroom wall when I was young and these guys were my heroes.
Back Row; Bob Smith, Keith Heuwen, Ron Haslam.
Front Row; Graham Wood, Roger Marshall, Mick Grant, Barry Sheene, Rob McElnea, Mark Salle.
Paul Smart. Can you remember when he won the Imola 200 on a Ducati?
This guy has a lot to answer for!! He made motorcycles and smokin' look cool and the girls in my class loved him. Barry Sheene had a bad influence on me when I was younger.
 I finally got to meet the man a few months before he died and got him to pose for this photograph.
 I bet you have never seen him riding a Triumph Tiger Cub before.

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