Monday, 7 February 2011

SPEEDWAY RIDERS - A John Player Cigarette Card Album from 1938

Joe Abbott; Arthur Atkinson; Phil Bishop:
Gordon Byers; Dicky Case; Frank Charles:
Eric Chitty; Bill Clibbett; Eric Collins:
Tommy Croombs: Billy Dallison; Jack Dixon:
Stanley "Acorn" Dobson; Frank Goulden; Stan Greatrex:
George Greenwood; Max Grosskreutz; Morian Hansen:
Bob Harrison; Vic Huxley; Ron Johnson:
Walter "Nobby" Key; Wally Kilmister; Bill Kitchen:
Gus Kuhn; Billy Lamont; Eric Langton:
Harold "Ginger" Lees; Walter Lloyd; Cordy Milne:
Jack Milne;John Glass (aka Mick Murphy); George Newton:
Jack Ormston; Jack Parker; Cliff Parkinson:
Tommy Price; Geoff Pymar; Claude Rye:
This card of Tommy Price has caused confusion and discussion amongst speedway fans for over 70 years. The description is of the Lancashire born Tommy Price who raced for Preston and Liverpool, but the picture is of a different Tommy Price who rode for Wembley and later became World Champion.
Jack Sharp; Harry Shepherd; Dicky Smythe:
Harold "Tiger" Stevenson; Fred Strecker; Lionel Van Praag:
Frank Varey; Colin Watson; Arthur "Bluey" Wilkinson:
George Wilks;  Dicky Wise:

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