Friday, 1 April 2011

Krasnikov The Great! (...but has he quit at the top?)

Nikolai Krasnikov was crowned World Ice Speedway Champion for a record breaking seventh consecutive time last weekend, but it could be his last! This was an amazing achievement for the 26 year old Russian and he becomes only the second rider ever to record seven consecutive FIM World titles. The other record holder is Britain's Dougie Lampkin, who won seven consecutive FIM Trials World Titles between 1997 and 2003.
Nikolai Krasnikov celebrates his seventh consecutive Ice Speedway title
The Russian ice racing superstar put a below par performance at Assen behind him to storm to victory in the 4th Grand Prix round at the new Max-Aicher-Arena in Inzell, Germany last weekend. Krasnikov only dropped one point all weekend, but then admitted that this is probably his last year as a full-time ice racer.

Krasnikov told the press that... "I am very pleased to win as it has been a very hard season for me. I had a few disappointments and didn't win meetings that I should have won. I have decided that this is going to be my final professional season. I will probably ride next year, but not full-time, and I may enter the World Championship, I don't know, but this is my final season".

2011 FIM Ice Speedway World Championship Overall Classification:

1st. Nikolai Krasnikov / Russia - 176 pts.
2nd. Igor Kononov / Russia - 153
3rd. Daniil Ivanov / Russia - 152
4th. Dmitri Khomitsevich / Russia - 145
5th. Vitali Khomitsevich / Russia - 108
6th. Dmitri Bulankin / Russia -  97
7th. Sergei Karachintsev / Russia -  89
8th. Ivan Ivanov / Russia - 85
9th. Frankie Zorn / Austria - 73
10th. Harald Simon / Austria - 72
11th. Stefan Svensson / Sweden - 68
12th. Günther Bauer / Germany - 64
13th. Antonin Klatovsky / Czech Republic - 54
14th. Grzegorz Knapp / Poland - 35
15th. Peter Koj / Sweden - 26
16th. Stefan Pletschacher / Germany - 20
17th. Mats Järf / Finland - 9
18th. Johnny Tuinstra / Netherlands - 7
19th. Max Niedermaier / Germany - 7
20th. Jan Klatovsky / Czech republic - 5
21st. Rene Stellingwerf / Netherlands - 3

Action from the first day at Inzell

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