Sunday, 3 April 2011

We do live in a beautiful place....

...that is something my wife can often be heard telling the children, and she's not wrong! We had a few hours to waste one recent afternoon, so we took off to the beach at St Bees, less than 3 miles away and gave our four old son some practical lessons in science, geography and the arts. We showed him examples of surface tension, erosion, natural history, pond life, geology, how tides work and how to make big splashes with your wellies! Dad even got to take some photographs too. Who needs expensive holidays abroard when you've got locations like this right on your doorstep.

Erosion is a real problem at St Bees. Over 40m of cliff face collapsed recently and here's another recent landslip.
L'aal boy walks on water.... (A beautiful photo of a beautiful boy - taken by my wife)


  1. Too right Adey. St Bees is a lovely pocket of coast and I'm really fond of the caf too, which seems to have come from an era gone by! I had no idea that St Bees was facing erosion too!!

  2. we are lucky to live in such a beautiful island, i feel the same about the north norfolk coast.

  3. Great sentiment, great photos.

  4. Triffick Pics. Have I mentioned La'al Radio to you? Have a listen.
    Follow the links and download the programme - about 2 hours, Sat, fortnightly. An interesting mix of music.

  5. Thanks for the link Andy. That really is an eclectic mix of music. Don't think I know Dunc and Tony.


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