Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Welcome Visitor...

I'm used to finding insects and bugs in my tent, but look what jumped out of it on Sunday.

The last time I used my Vango Trek 200 it got very muddy, so I decided to pitch it in the garden to get it cleaned up. My four year old son gave me a hand to wash it and we left it to dry while the young man used it as a den for the rest of the day.

Later that night I went to take it down, unzipped the door, picked up the bag and whaaaa.... A brown thing, the size of my hand jumped out from under it. Once my heart stopped jumping I looked down to see a regal looking Common Toad, who must have followed the bugs into the tent in the hope of a tasty feast. "Wow Dad, Look" said my son son as he knelt down for a closer look. "Shhh... Don't frighten him, he must be looking for his Mammy". The wee fellow stayed around for a while, took a rest behind the tubs of coriander before jumping away again in search of his next meal.

The common toad is a solitary soul and not really so "common" these days. I hope this one comes round to our house again sometime soon.

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