Thursday, 15 December 2011

Motorcycles In Vietnam

Former Rye House Speedway rider Karl Fiala often travels to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on holiday, He says it is a beautiful part of the world and the Asian people are so friendly and welcoming... and their food is wonderful too! But as a former professional motorcycle racer he also says that they are ingenious in their applications and usage of motorcycles. Karl has literally seen two motor bikes carrying a lampost, live pigs riding pillion, scaffolding strapped to the side of C90s and whole families on one bike. Take a look for yourself at this selection of images from Karl's facebook albums
This is Hanoi. Karl Fiala sat there at a cafe and watched for ages, totally mesmerised.
"The amazing thing is", he says, "nobody uses their brakes. No need".
Room for one more up front......

There is a bike under all those ducks and chickens....

Just look at all those bikers admiring themselves in the mirror :)

The reliable C90 is an ideal bike for carrying... tons of scaffolding????

Those crates must play hell with the drag efficiency... LOL

Fuel Efficiency !
For more motorcycle madness take a look at this great facebook page...


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