Monday, 12 December 2011

British riders denied their place in Ice Racing Championships.

Do the ACU actually care about riders from their own country? Are they actually aware that there are British riders aching to represent their country at their chosen sport?

This rant is all about two riders... Kevin Rowand and Rob Irwin. Since Mark Uzzel's retirement, Kevin is arguably Britian's top ice speedway racer, with Rob Irwin not far behind, but neither of them will get a chance to ride in this years European Championships. The FIM has announced the allocations for each country in the competition, but GB has a grand total of....  zero places - that's right, nowt, bog all, nothing, nada!!!!

It appears that the ACU haven't bothered to put either Kevin or Rob's names forward to the FIM or UEM for selection - I despair! and so does Kevin... I recieved a message from him yesterday where he says that he is ".... going to ride for Ukraine next year - f**k the ACU!"
Kevin Rowand, Britains top racer, will not be representing his own country in the
 European Ice Racing Championships at Assen  in March.


  1. nothing unusual there then!.
    the acu suck full stop.
    along with the bspa i might add!!.

  2. Kevin Rowand wants to get a Ukrainian international license?

    And to represent Ukraine?

  3. Hi Gorka - that's what he said... his last message to me said " From Kevin Rowand.... f**k the ACU. I am riding for the Ukraine now, just got to sort my licence out."


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