Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dakar 2012 - A Titanic Effort from Alain Duclos.

A wonderful story of endurance and total dedication from the Dakar website today
Alain Duclos arrives at the end of stage 7 on the bare bones of his bike
Alain Duclos' epic arrival at the finish of stage 7, arriving at camp on a "shell" of a motorcycle, is worthy of any Dakar legend. After stopping with a hose problem at the beginning of the stage, the Franco-Malian rider stripped his motorcycle to find the problem before setting off to get word to his assistance. He then returned to his motorcycle, only to find that the fairing, the seat and the main fuel tank had all vanished! It was the start of one of those adventures which can only happen at the Dakar.

"The entire motorcycle has been plundered, but it still works perfectly. As for the seat, a local guy lent me his motocross saddle and I had to make do with it. I continued the special at 5 pm and did all of it at night! But riding on the dunes at night, alone and off course, was a titanic effort and I came down hard a couple of times. But I did not want to give up, I am really looking forward to seeing Peru!"
Alain in action earlier in the 2012 Dakar with a complete machine!

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