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A Passion For Speed

Sunbeam (Brooklands 1927)
A new exhibition by young British figurative artist Alistair Little will be showing at Panter & Hall, Bury Street, London, from January 11th - 27th 2012. The show celebrates the achievements of Sir Malcolm Campbell and son Donald Campbell and the Bluebird legacy.

Sir Malcolm Campbell's attempt to push the boundaries of speed records on land and water are the stuff of school boy legend. The remarkable and tragic film footage of his son Donald's final fatal attempt to break the water speed record on Coniston Water has reached iconic status in the nation's psyche. More recently Donald Wales has been chasing and breaking speed records of his own and it was at his suggestion that Alistair embarked on this new series of works inspired by the achievements of his uncle Donald Campbell. In his collaboration with Donald Wales, Alistair has been granted unique access to the family archive and has used this wonderful opportunity to apply his distinctive narrative style to one of the great stories of motor powered speed in the twentieth century.
In The Zone (Ullswater 1955)

Alistair began his artistic career in the film industry in 1994, focusing on model making and design. After three years in the film and television industries he turned to two dimensional art to train and work as a freelance commercial illustrator. Early commissions included an underground comic and graphic design work along with storyboard work for the advertising industry. Here he learnt the true value of a strong knowledge of draughtsmanship and his ability to render credible accurate figure work is the backbone of his work today. In 2001, after four years almost exclusively working in markers and pencils he started experimenting with paint and hasn’t looked back.
Heading South (Utah 1960)
Alistair’s artistic influences are immediately evident. His great love of twentieth century cinema, particularly the Film Noir genre, dominates his style and his subject matter. His early experience in the film industry taught him the technique of capturing a wider story in the confines of one still image. Each of Alistair’s paintings burst with cinematic tension, his models are carefully posed and dressed to play a well choreographed role within a cleverly lit backdrop.

A Moment Alone (Lake Eyre 1964)
Immortalised (Coniston 1967)

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