Thursday, 20 December 2012

Motorcycle Trial 1946

This is another set of old photographs that I picked up for a song on e-bay. The subject is the Big Uplands Trial of 1946, an event run by Bristol Motor Club. The original Big Uplands route eventually became part of the modern day Allen Classic Trial.
C.Browne on Big Uplands, February 1946
A.Wyatt; Class winner in the Schorr Cup, Big Uplands 1946.
L.Sanders; 350cc Triumph. Winner of the Schorr Cup on Big Uplands, February 1946
(only 3 marks lost)
G.Parry; Norton on Big Uplands.

Not sure where these two photos fit in, but they came in the same package. The bike is an A.J.S. modified for Scrambles and the attire suggests that it is much later than the previous trials selection. 
A good crowd watches the riders leap off the top of a climb... anybody recognise the location?

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