Sunday, 28 March 2010


This magnificent cigar case is currently in the possession of a friend of mine. It was given to him by a customer of his for local posterity. The case is actually a speedway trophy won by the great pre-war rider Frank Charles from Roose, near to Barrow-In-Furness.

The trophy was awarded by the Daily Sketch when it sponsored the scratch races at Wembley in the 1930s. This particular challenge trophy was held following the Wembley v West Ham National League match on Thursday August 13th 1936. Wembley won the match 43-28, but it was described in Speedway News as "...a dull match". Frank Charles top scored for the home team with maximum points and also recorded the fastest time of the night at 77 seconds. The "Speedway News" continued to report the scratch races as follows...

"The trophy races produced much keener racing, the highlight of which was the meeting of Vic Huxley and Bluey Wilkinson in heat 4, which Huxley won with Wally Kilmister third. Frank Charles won heat 1 from Bill Kitchen and Jack Ormston and also won his semi-final against Huxley and Lionel Van Praag. In the final, Charles beat Huxley and Kitchen. Ohers taking part in the Daily Sketch trophy were Ginger Lees, Wal Phillips, Ro Johnson and Morian Hansen"

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