Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Gruff Garland - An old fashioned leg-trailer and a joy to watch.

Joe Crowther - As a novice he couldn't afford leathers and practiced in his trousers and cardigan!

Bill Baird - Former Steelworker turned speedway star

Will Lowther - ex Newcastle "Diamond". He only had half a left foot due to a racing accident.

Wal Morton (Captain) - Apparently his wife hated speedway and only went along to Glasgow to stop Wal falling asleep on the way home.

Eddie Lack

Maurice Stobbart - Besides racing speedway, Maurice had his own drift mine near to his home in Cumberland, an orchard in his back garden and co-owned a haulage business with his brother Roland.

Charlie Oates - Learned his skills on Southport beach.


  1. Some great stuff on the blog recently, love these old photos.

    The Kendal long track article got me thinking about an article I read many years ago about a series of flat track events that took place in the UK on in the seventies. From memory Kenny Roberts and Peter Collins were involved, with Roberts on a Yamaha, and Collins on a Triumph. I'm sure that I'm not dreaming it up?!...

  2. You're not dreaming KTL... watch this space.

  3. Great post. Nice touch with the rider info. Well before my time right enough. Before my dads time too.......




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